Digital Literacy

When you hear Digital Literacy what comes to mind? A Smart phone? A Laptop? An iPod? Maybe all kinds of technical devices?According to American Library Association, Digital Literacy is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.

There are many benefits in having digital literacy skills, including challenges. Children now days are born into a society full of technology. As time goes by it will continue increasing and advancing, and so must they. Digital literacy is found everywhere; at schools, jobs, home, social media, etc. Literacy has become a must, in order to succeed in this world and as a requirement to obtain jobs. Nowadays teachers don’t use a chalkboard anymore, but use digital literacy in order to teach. “As future teachers, we must learn how to use digital literacy in the classroom. Without digital literacy one can be lost in the 21st century and the years to come. It is a way to be able to communicate with the world. Literacy has become a must, in order to succeed in the world.”


Aspects of Digital Literacy

When it comes to digital literacy, I picture in my mind a “computer, book,device, etc.” bursting with knowledge. All kinds of resources and material one is able to find with a click. As for me personally, technology has always been a diverse topic. So many things to learn, a wide range of resources, so much information. However, it is incredible how one device can pull all kinds of information. As time goes by, digital literacy will continue expanding, and so must we. We must become effective digital learners and leaders by adapting to the constant changing technology.

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