The education and learning approaches

This article definitely makes you think of the differences between educational and learning approach. We have to keep in mind that one shoe does not fit everyone! It is the same for our students. If we notice our students are not learning the way we teach, we should find a way to change it in order for them to learn better…

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The Education paradigm emphasizes acquiring a body of knowledge, “right” information, once and for all.

The Learning paradigm emphasizes on learning how to learn, how to ask good questions, pay attention to the right things, be open to evaluating new concepts and having access to information. It emphasizes the importance of context.

The Education approach is to treat learning as a product, a destination;  and the learning approach is to treat learning  as a process or a journey

The Education approach consists of a relatively rigid structure and a standard   curriculum and a prescribed approach to teach, whereas the learning approach consists of a relatively flexible curriculum and belief that there are many different was to teach a given subject.

The Education approach is often hierarchical and has an authoritarian structure. It rewards conformity and discourages dissent. The learning approach is egalitarian. Candour and dissent is permitted. Students and teachers…

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