Getting it right…independent learning project

Photo CC by Mayra Pelayo

It is just crazy to think that a few weeks ago I was given the option to choose a project to learn about. After pondering for days, I finally came to the conclusion that I would learn how to crochet.

After doing some research, asking questions, reading books, watching videos, and finding someone to teach me the necessary skills to become proficient at crochet, I am finally at level 2. As a crochet beginner, I started practicing with chains. I would spend 15 minutes making chains and undoing them, making chains and undoing them, and just kept repeating the pattern. When I finally felt comfortable making the chains, I move to level 2. This is where I am with the single crochet, which it is the basic stitch of crochet. It has been severals days since I started learning this step. At the beginning it was super complicated and I was getting very agitated and  uncomfortable with my quality of work. I could not even hold the crochet hook in proper place, and was making the thread way too tight, making it even more complicated for me to insert the crochet hook into the middle of the next chain, which it is a process that pretty much keeps repeating itself.

After trial and error, I am finally at the third row out of the four rows of my single crochet for my final product, which it will be a head band. I am so excited that I am  finally grasping the concept of crochet and actually being able to maneuver the crochet hook. I even surprised myself to be enjoying crochet. My teacher, Chela, has been very patient with me, which it helps a lot. Finding tools related to my project have also helped a lot. I look forward to my final product and will keep everyone posted on how my independent learning project is coming along!

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