Independent Learning Project

Photo CC By: simple crochet


As I continue working on my independent learning project, crochet, I have to say I have struggled along the way. Knowing nothing about crochet can definitely have its challenges. And worse of all, finding time that works for my teacher and I, is even harder. However, slowly and over time, I have made some progress.

These last few weeks I have been working on making the last touches on my headband. I crochet four rows and decided to stop there to avoid making it too big.  My next step is to start working on making a crochet flower, for which I have to admit I am super excited to learn how to make. So in order to get an idea of how to crochet a flower, I have been watching different videos on Youtube.

Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo


As I did some research, I found Laura Eccleston, who creates crochet tutorial and patterns, such as how to crochet a simple flower.

The video below, ” How to- Crochet a simple flower version 2- Absolute Beginners,” has been a great resource to get an idea on how to begin… Best part of all, since this video is for beginners like me, Laura goes slowly, step by step, speaks clearly, and definitely has a good view of what she is doing while explaining the procedure.

Crochet Simple Flower

Next week I write blog about my independent learning project, I really do hope I have at least half of my flower done. I just cannot wait for my outcome, I am super excited!


2 thoughts on “Independent Learning Project

  1. I definitely use those YouTube videos to learn all kinds of things! I’m more of a visual learner, so it helps so much to be able to SEE what I need to do! I’m excited to see how your project is coming along.


    1. Thank you! Being a visual learner myself, i also have to see examples in order to understand better what i need to do, or the material. I have to say, i have really enjoyed my project. I was so excited about my final touch, making my flower for my headband, that this week i accomplished it in 3 hours. So since now im done with my project, i have decided to start a scarf…


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