Literacy in the Digital Age: Reflection

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It is incredible that we are half way through the semester. Time has gone by super fast, and next thing we know, this class, Literacy in the Digital Age, will be over. I have to say this class has been enjoyable, but it has also had its challenges. Technology news has been a weak area for me, and taking this class did make me nervous and I was not sure what to expect other than using “new” technology tools.

Well, I have to say I was wrong, somewhat! Besides using “tools,” we actually got to learn and create various modules such as: creating a twitter account, creating my personal wordpress blog, six-word memoir of my learning life, watch TED Talk videos, create a Vine, learn what is passion based learning, build my Personal Learning Network, and many many more modules. I have to admit I did enjoy  most of them, along with their challenges. However,  the best part, I can incorporate all this modules into my future classroom, which I am very excited to do so…

So far for me the most interesting modules I have enjoyed creating have been: Twitter, WordPress blog, and My Personal project. I have to admit that prior to this class, I did not have a Twitter account. As I had the mentally that it was only to socialize with the world, especially, “famous people” and know about their personal lives. Once I had my Twitter account, it took several weeks for me to explore the page and know what it was all about, where to find things, etc. It is great that this account has only been for educational material which I can share and other people can share with me as well. The WordPress blogs have been great too. I have really enjoyed blogging about new material we have learned in class. And with the WordPress blog, it also incorporates My Personal Project, which I chose to learn how to crochet. I enjoy the fact that we have to blog about our progress, challenges, achievements, etc. I have really enjoyed reading my classmates blogs, and the different projects everyone chose to learn about. All these “social media” are brand new for me. So in order to be able to do my homework, I had to do a research and   learn more about them and how they work.

I know there are many more new material we will be learning in this class. Material which I hope can be of great benefit for us future teachers to help us learn to teach to our students. I also hope that through this class I can become more technologically advance in order to keep up with the pace at which technology is developing…


2 thoughts on “Literacy in the Digital Age: Reflection

  1. So glad that you’re learning and finding things of value in the class! And I’m especially glad that you think you’ll be able to incorporate some of your learning into your future classroom. That’s definitely the big goal here!


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