What you can uncover on the Internet about yourself…


Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo
Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo

WOW, it is just crazy what people/you  can uncover about yourself on the Internet with just the touch of a button. This week for one of our blogs, we were supposed to Google ourselves and see what kind of information we would find about ourselves, and this is what I found about me; Mayra Elizabeth Pelayo.

First of all, I started with Googling Mayra Pelayo. Wow, hundredths of pictures came up of people from different countries such as Mexico, United States, and Philippines just to name a few. Of course, the very first thing I found about me was on Twitter and recent posts I had posted. I also, found a few images from Facebook, but it is obvious that I am more active on Twitter. From what I noticed, my name is found under restaurant services, which it is true, and it actually had the name of the restaurant where I was working at a few months ago.Then, I also found my name and a picture of myself on Plus.google.com  Mayra Pelayo. While I had my name on Google, I decided to click on maps to see if anything would happen. Wow, I was super amazed that it took me directly to my hometown and near the street where I currently reside.

While I was clicking on all the Mayra Pelayo’s I found, I clicked on one. Apparently, t’s from a girl who lives in Florida and she plays soccer at her High School. To be honest, I did take some time to read her article, which it was interesting, Pelayo.

Second of all, I decided to Google my whole name, Mayra Elizabeth Pelayo. What I found here, pretty much left me with my mouth open!!! My brother and I became United States citizens 2 years ago in 2014 . To my big surprise, there was an article from The Sheridan Press about us and other immigrants who also became citizens. It was also super interesting to discover my marriage license from 2014 in a newspaper article, The Sheridan  Presss again.

Finally, if a potential employer was to Google my information, the most obvious and important information he/she will find about me is that I’m a U.S citizen, I’m married, and where I actually live. It’s just crazy and maybe amazing at the same time, all the information one is able to uncover practically about anybody with he touch of a button!



2 thoughts on “What you can uncover on the Internet about yourself…

  1. Wow, I’m really surprised that you found this information after you Googled your full name. I’ll have to suggest to students in the future that they also try Googling their full legal names to see what shows up.


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