My Independent Learning Project is accomplished…

Photo CC By:



Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo


It has been said that when you are having fun, time sure passes by fast. And now that I am done with my Independent Learning Project; crochet, I have to agree with these words. It has been about 2 months since I decided to learn about crochet, and now I am proud to say I have learned something!

When we were given the option in class to choose one project to learn about, I had no idea what to choose. There are so many things out there I would love to learn to do. However, for one reason or another, I ended up deciding to learn to crochet. Being completely novice, finding time, having lots of patience, researching, and finding time to meet with my “teacher” were just some of the obstacles and challenges I faced with this project. Of course, who said learning something for the first time is easy? However, I was up for the challenge, and now I feel proud of myself to say I have created a beautiful crochet headband with a gorgeous pink flower!!!

Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo


About a month ago, when I last blogged about my Independent Learning Project, I had mentioned in my conclusion, that I really hoped that the next time I blogged it  would be about creating and finishing a crochet flower. Today, I am so excited,happy and proud to announce I did finished my crochet flower, and I even stitched it to the head band as you can see on the picture above. During spring break I could not stop thinking about my crochet flower. So I came to the conclusion that I would start working on it. Previously, I had watched some videos about a crochet flower, so I already had an idea about the steps I would have to follow. But I do have to admit that it looked easier on the video than when I was actually doing it! The first chains were easy to make, however, it was the loops and following steps which made it hard. The bottom picture on the right was the begging of the crochet flower. After many attempts, getting my thread tangled up, doing and undoing, missing the next hole and 3 hours later, I was able to finish my crochet flower; bottom left. I kept staring at it, unable to believe I had created this beautiful piece of art. Since now I am done with this project, I am planning on starting a crochet scarf which it was one of the options at the begging. I bought a beautiful bright pink color which I plan to use.

flower 2
Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo



flower 1
Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo


Flower crochet video

Overall, I have to say this Personal Learning Project has thought me a lot. First of all, being able to make choices is great. I think it is what makes the difference about learning something and how it is view. (Which it is something to keep in mid when we have our own classrooms, to give options to the students). Since I was really enjoying this project, I always looked forward to the next “lesson” and learning experience. I even finished my project way ahead of time and now I am ready to begin the second project. I can definitely relate this project and experiences in my  life that have shaped who I am. I have worked hard in school and have done well, even while holding down three jobs. The struggle and the triumph have made me who I am. Once again I have to proof myself and others that I am capable of this doing this and more…

2 thoughts on “My Independent Learning Project is accomplished…

  1. Congratulations Mayra! Your flower headband is awesome! I watched your video and I am very impressed! It would take me forever to get that down. I would just get frustrated and quit. I think moving on to a scarf is a great plan and then you’ll have one to match your headband. Do you think it will be easier than the headband now that you are well versed in crocheting? It has been great reading about your joy throughout this process and I look forward to seeing your scarf!


    1. Thank you! I have to say im super proud and excited about my finished product. Looks better than i thought it would end. Im excited to also start the scarf. I imagine it will be easier since now i have an idea what to do….


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