Obsessed with Technology…

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It is absolutely astonishing how technology revolves around us, but it is even more incredible how vulnerable we are to technology. Nowadays with so much technology at our hands, we cannot imagine life without it. Everything we do and use involves technology somehow.

First of all, do I use technology mindfully? Well, I would have to say NO! When it comes to using social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it is very easy for me to log in and blog about my personal life and such things I have done throughout the day. Many times we forget that everyone out there has access to information we share. And we must also remember that once we post information on the Internet, it is permanently, even when we “delete” posts!!!

Second of all, there are many times when we log into the Internet to do homework. But are we really doing homework all the time we are logged in? Or are we actually looking at other sites at the same time?  When do we need to stop multi-tasking? It is so easy to get distracted by so many advertisements, mail notifications, and many other things that pop-up in the screen. Once we stop concentrating on just one task, such as homework, it is so easy to get distracted by other things. In order to be more attentive and actually achieve the goal of completing homework, we must forget about trying to multi-task. Most of the time it ends  in a failure, nothing gets done. There is a great article by Mind/shift “what happens when Teens try to disconnect from Tech for three days,” which it talks about students at Convent & Stuart Hall in San Francisco, volunteering to restrict from using any kind of technology for three days. Aceret, one of the students, said, “with his technology distracting him, homework can take up to five hours, but without it he can whip out his assignments in an hour and a half.” Perfect example why we need to be more attentive and  prevent trying to multi-task. Simply, because we are not truly present to one task or another.

Finally, a great question we can ask ourselves is, what do we loose by being permanently tethered to our device? Well, basically everything, especially TIME…I would say. The simple fact of constantly checking our devices for new messages or such things, lets us forget about the real world! It prevents us from enjoying nature and from having real conversations with family and friends.

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In order to continue with this question, I decided to ask my parents who are somewhat “ignorant” towards modern technology.

My mom said, besides taking time, it definitely reduces life because of so much technology. What she means is, like it affects our vision from watching too much television, looking at the computer screen, etc. “I agree technology can be a great benefit, but it also takes from us,” she said.

My dads response was pretty similar to my moms. He said watching too much television, staring at the computer screen, etc. damages our vision. It also prevents us from accomplishing tasks we need to do throughout the day.

It is so clear that technology can come in handy, but if we abuse it, it can become a double sharp sword. We must learn to used technology, not let technology use us.

2 thoughts on “Obsessed with Technology…

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Mayra, it takes as certain mindset for me to sit down and do my homework without getting distracted by the internet that is at my fingertips. It was a great idea to ask your parents for their take on technology and their responses made sense. There are many times that I wish I didn’t grow up during the boom of technology. Although there are many benefits to the internet, I feel as if the social detriment is just as big.


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