Attention Log

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This week was mostly spent on the road. Since my son had spring vacation, my son and I traveled to Oregon to visit my parents, (a total of 2,500 miles). But I do have to say that through out the week I did use many technological devices. Along with the use, I also kept an attention log in order to keep track of the following things:

1. Date

2. Description of Physical Space and Device

3. Duration of session

4. What occurred

5. What you did

6. How you felt

7. What worked

8. What did not work

9. Other comments

The log was kept from Monday, March 28 through Friday, April 1st. I did used different devices during these days; including my smartphone, iPad, laptop, commercial computer, and GPS. Each device was used in a different space. The smartphone, iPad, laptop, were definitely used for homework, but of course, also, for personal use. I do have to say on my smartphone, every single night for about 15 to 20 minutes, while laying on bed I would check Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, I would only check new notifications and surf around to see what friends and family were doing. However, I do have to say that Twitter was only checked for homework and to see new notification from our wonderful class, #diglitclass! 🙂 Since it was around midnight or so, most of the nights I was falling asleep while checking my social cites. However, whenever I found interesting information, I was definitely alert and eager to keep looking around.

The GPS was definitely used for “more” useful purposes, to be able to get to my destination safe and faster. My parents own a restaurant, so the commercial computer was used to put in food orders from our customers. Since I spent one whole week with them, I  used the commercial computer at least 5 hours every day.

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It is such a difference using technical devices for personal use, that when using them for “actual work!” Especially, when you are active and it is required to complete work. I have to say I am still very active on Facebook, and somewhat on Twitter. Once again, I only check Twitter for homework and once in a while I look around for Educational resources. As I said before, we must learn to use technology wisely, and not let technology use us!!!

4 thoughts on “Attention Log

  1. Unfortunately, I am there with you. I check those accounts before I go to bed and when I wake up to see what was going on while I was away. I like that you brought up using the GPS. Those are lifesavers!


  2. First off, I hope you had a great trip to see your parents! I liked how you noted that you surf on your smart phone right before bed. I also am guilty of this activity and I have seriously been trying to not do this. Studies show that it keeps you up longer, but I don’t feel as if that is always true. I should really give it a shot and see what results I observe myself. Do you think looking at your phone before bed makes you more tired, or wakes you up?


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