Podcasts and Digital stories

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I have never heard of podcasts and digital stories before. Now that I have done some research on them, I do have to say as a future elementary teacher, they can be used in the classroom, especially, since they are very informative.

Keeping in mind that some of these stories are not appropriate for younger children, for example,“Serial,” they can also be a very informative tool. Serial is a story about “the murder-mystery phenomenon produced by reporter Sarah Koenig of “This American Life,” which already was transfixing a wide swath of the adult population, according to “What teens are learning from ‘Serial’ and other podcasts article, by Mind/shift. Digital stories and podcasts have some great benefits in the classrooms according to Michael Godsey, who is a High School English teacher in California and has been using digital stories and podcasts. According to Godsey, “improving students’ listening skills is one of the essential components of the new education mandates, and using audio in the classroom can be an effective way to promote listening.” Best part of all, using digital stories and podcasts addresses  education requirements set by the Common Core state standards. Along with these benefits, students are also learning without realizing, how to be better listeners, writers, develop better reading skills, and most important of all, become better public speakers, since they are required to share and debate with their class findings of the stories.

Second of all, just like there are positive benefits with using podcasts and digital stories in the classroom, there might also be some negative aspects. Since learning through podcasts and digital stories require technology, students will need access to the necessary tools in order to complete assignments. By tools I mean, having a computer, internet access, being technology savvy, cameras, and most important of all, having the desire to do homework.

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As a future Elementary teacher, I think I would incorporate podcasts and digital stories in my classroom. As I mentioned previously, learning through using these methods can  have many benefits, especially, when it comes to listening, speaking, and writing. And once again, best part of all, it also covers requirements set by the Common Core state standards.

Finally, one of the biggest takeaway for me from reading podcasts and digital stories, is that it helps students to use their imagination while learning. It is great for those students who are artistic and visual learners. As students learn, they listen, express, create, focus and most important of all, have fun while leaning!

digital stories
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2 thoughts on “Podcasts and Digital stories

  1. I am sort of with you. I have heard of them, just not using them in the classroom. Another reason why this class is so great and resourceful. You would definitely need to preview the podcasts that you wanted because some of them would not be appropriate for all age levels. The time of the podcasts is another thing to look at. Younger students will not sit through 45 minutes of a podcast but sometimes older students do not have enough time in the day either.


    1. I agree! Some podcast and digital stories are not suitable for lower grades. As you mentioned, especially, for younger students since they dont have the retention mind expand to absorb all the information and retain it…


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