The End has Come Towards My Independent Learning Project…

Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo

It is unbelievable that semester has pretty much come to an end. And along with that, so has our Independent Learning Project. Towards the beginning of the semester, for one of our assignments, we were given the choice to choose one thing we would like to learn about! With such a wide range of options, and of course, millions of things I would love to learn how to do, I could not decide on just one thing. Several days later, after pondering what to learn, I came up with he conclusion I would learn how to crochet, something that was totally new for me. And today, 3 months later, I am happy, excited, and most of all, proud to say, I did accomplish my goal of learning how to crochet and made a beautiful head band with a gorgeous pink flower!!!

First of all, not knowing a single thing about crochet, I started by researching about this beautiful art. My ex-mother-in-law, (“teacher”) also helped me as a guide with this project. I began to watch videos about crocheting. All the endless projects one can do with crochet: flowers, headbands, hats, scarves, purses, and the list just keeps on going. First of all, I could not make up my mind if to do a crochet hat, scarf, or a headband. I started crocheting with a hat in mind, however, along the way I decided to change it to a headband with a flower. Being completely novice, finding time, having lots of patience, researching, and finding time to meet with my “teacher,” were just some of the obstacles and challenges I faced with this project. Of course, who said learning something for the first time is easy? However, I was up for the challenge, and now I feel proud of myself to say I have created a beautiful crochet headband.

Second of all, the first steps for me were beggining  by practicing how to make loops with the yarn and crochet hook.  For about a whole week I practice doing this. I would do a bunch of loops, and then I would undo them. I kept repeating the same process over and over again along with watching videos about crochet. I do have to admit that motivating myself to continue with this practice was hard sometimes. I was getting tired of having to repeat the same process over and over again. I wanted to jump into action and actually begin the real crochet that was going to create my headband. Slowly, and with an idea of what I had to do, I moved onto the harder part, making the loops and continuing my single or double chains, flipping the yarn over, etc. At the beginning and after many attempts, getting my thread tangled up, doing and undoing, missing the next hole and many many other problems I encountered, I was able to finish my beautiful headband with a flower. I have to say I even finished my headband way before the project was due. And to compensate for that and to get more practice,  I decided I would start a scarf. The picture below is the beginning of my scarf.

project 2
Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo

Overall, I have to say this Personal Learning Project has thought me a lot, it was fun and I really did enjoy it! First of all, being able to make choices is great. I think it is what makes the difference about learning something and how it is view. (Which it is something to keep in mid when we have our own classrooms, to give options to the students). Since I was really enjoying this project, I always looked forward to the next “lesson” and learning experience. I even finished my project way ahead of time and now I have began a second project. Incorporating Independent Learning Projects in the classroom is a great idea. I think it gives students control over their learning. Of course, there should be a time frame when certain work needs to be turned in

I can definitely relate this project and experiences in my life that have shaped who I am. I have worked hard in school and have done well, even while holding down three jobs. The struggle and the triumph have made me who I am. Once again I have to proof myself and others that I am capable of this doing this and more…

Photo CC By:

3 thoughts on “The End has Come Towards My Independent Learning Project…

    1. Mrs. Ellington,
      I have sent you a copy of my FINAL assignment to both your regular e-mail and the college e-mail. I misread the due date, but I still decided to complete my assignment. I hope you do accept it, and please take in to consideration that I have turned in all of my assignments on time through out the semester
      Thank you,
      Mayra Pelayo


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