Metaphor and Digital Story

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For my Digital story I decided to use iMovie to create a video with audio. I was supposed to focus on one Metaphor to create my Digital Story. Being a foreigner and experiencing “racism,” for lack of a better word, I focused my Digital Story on “Embracing melting pot in my classroom as a future teacher.”

Nowadays, the United States is experiencing more cultures and different races than ever. Along with that, children from different countries will bring their own beliefs, religion, culture, etc. into the classroom. As a future teacher, I must embrace this and welcome melting pot into my classroom. I believe each child is unique, and no one should be treated different because of their origin. As a teacher, it is part of my job to research for ways to help these students cope with the class. Wether it is by researching about their country and getting familiar with it, talking to members of his/her family, having resources in their native language, etc. I know that along the way the road will get bumpy. But as a future teacher, I must find ways to help my students to overcome whatever  obstacles they might face and find ways for them to be successful in my classroom.

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Here is my video about “Embracing melting pot in our classrooms.” Hope you enjoy it… 🙂


My Digital Story

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