Learning To Unlearn…

Photo CC By: topfamousquotes.com

As a future teacher, I will be bringing new ideas in to my classroom, and also, learn from new ideas from my classroom and students. Along with that, I must also learn to be an innovative teacher. According to Dictionary.com, Innovator means; to introduce something  new, make changes in anything established. I am a person who likes to voice what I think, most of the time, anyway. As a teacher, I must learn to teach the best way possible in order for my students to learn best. I must unlearn not to be afraid to try new teaching methods. And I must also, unlearn to try something new, fail, get up, and continue on.

First of all, this semester, in my Literacy in the Digital Age class, I have definitely been innovative as a learner. This class was mainly based on using social media, unlike your normal everyday class. Of course, through the use of social media,which I am not the greatest at,  also, came the discomfort of getting out of my comfort zone. The Daily create and Twitter were 2 of the projects which made me feel uncomfortable. With the Daily create, finding ways to explore different sites, coming up with ideas, getting creative, doing art, etc. were a few of the obstacles I encountered. With Twitter, it definitely was a new way of using social media. I had never used Twitter before this class. I even had to create an account to use for this class. Getting used to communicate with my classmates and the outside world through Twitter was super different. I mean, I rather be in a real classroom setting and discuss information face to face. After all, this is a great way to innovate, right?

Second of all, this semester I have learned that learning can take place everywhere, not just in a classroom setting. Learning is not being afraid to unlearn how to re-learn something all over again. “We have to unlearn the comforts of four walls that we have become accustomed to,” says Richardson’s  in his article “The Unlearning Curve.” It is about learning to see things in a different way, or willing to be open mind it about it. I believe that as teachers, we must be open to ideas towards innovation. We must try different methods of teaching, in order to get our point across, and as long as our students are learning to their best potential.

Finally, “through innovation, students have the opportunity to take charge of their own learning, and use presented information in their education,” says Couros in his article “The Mindset of an Innovator.”This sentence is the perfect example with this class. The project which comes to mind is our Individual Learning Project. We were given the option to choose something to learn and write about our experiences with the project. The innovation comes when we are able to choose something we are excited to learn about, and not something we must learn about.

I believe that through play and questions children learn best. If we give our students the tools require to learn better, they are more than capable to do so. We must understand that not every student learns under the same circumstances, and that not one shoe fits everyone.