Why do we blog?

I had never heard about Kidlitosphere, and let alone what the name means. As I browsed at the website, I was excited to see how many teachers, librarians, authors, and illustrators are sharing their own stories, books, and suggestions with all of us. Looking through all the comments and suggestions, makes me realize that blogging can be fun, especially, when everyone puts their own personal ideas on what they want to communicate with the rest of us. I believe that as a reader there will be many times when you find a connection with what the writer is expressing through words. This is when reading has a different tun and we find the reading material more interesting and hard to put down. I believe that what makes an interesting post as well is how well the information is presented to the audience and how interesting it is. When the audience can relate to the story or words somehow, it is very hard to put the book down and stop reading.
Another form that can make a blog interesting is through the tittle and when the writer incorporates pictures along with the words to help describe the story and situation. Personally, I believe that when there is only words and words to read with out a picture to look at for “help,” it can definitely become tedious. It is just like reading a recipe. When pictures are involved of the final product, one is more tempted to try the recipe simply because it looks more appetizing rather than just reading about it. It is the same situation when it comes to blogging.
Finally, I believe that when a writer breaks its paragraphs, it helps the reader distinguish between the different ideas he or she is trying to describe. As a future blogger, I hope to learn how to properly blog and what to do in order to get attention from various kinds of “audiences.” And in regards to Kidlitosphere, I plan on browsing all the time because it is very interesting to see the various opinions people have about one book or subject. I also think it is even more interesting when authors themselves comment ( critique) their own work. I think that it is wonderful being able to go back and change something that might help make the next blog even better!

4 thoughts on “Why do we blog?

  1. I like how you pointed out the reason why we need to have paragraph. I agree that we need those to let everyone know that we are changing topics. I agree that we need to talk about things that we feel about interest our audience.


  2. I appreciate this post and agree with your conclusions. I prefer reading blog posts with plenty of white space and shorter paragraphs (though I often forget to make my own posts look like that!) and having visuals with images is so important.


    1. Yes, when a writer continues talking about one subject in a long paragraph, a reader can definitely loose interest because paragraphs can become way too long. I believe that when topics are broken down, this is more appealing to the eye!


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