It is Monday! What are you reading?

I have continued to find children’s book and my son has brought many from school as well. The three books we read this week were, Storms, At the Pond, and Jordan’s Catch. Although all three books are completely different from each other, Storms and At the Pond were my favorite books as they are non fiction and my son, myself and other readers can learn valuable information from these books.


At the Pond, by David M. Schwartz is a great book about various animals, their habitat, what they eat, their bodies, etc. This is a super interesting book as it has many facts about several animals. Children would definitely enjoy this book, especially those children who enjoy animals and reading about then.

jordans catchJordan’s Catch by, Stephen Harrison is the story of a boy who plays baseball. One day his team was playing the final game and he missed when he was trying to catch the ball. Because of this, his team lost the game. He was absolutely sad because he was not able to catch the ball. Much to his surprise, his mother bought baseball tickets for him and his father to go watch a game for the towns team. Towards the end of the game, his home team needed one last catch (home run) in order to win the game. When the ball was strike, much to his surprise, the boy catched the ball and he was even on television. Of course, his hometown team won the final!

The storm, from National Geographic for kids,  (accidentally deleted the picture) is a book about the various types of weather catastrophes that can happen when less expected. This book explains what makes certain things such as rain, tornadoes, lightning, earthquake, etc. happen. Unfortunately, this book seems to go well with all the horrible catastrophes happening at the moment in different parts of the world. This is a book which could be used during a science project or lesson plan about natural disasters.

4 thoughts on “It is Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I really like the book choices you made this week. The first and last books seem really educational but also something that children would like to listen to and want to know more about. The middle book would be very cute and can teach the lesson of perseverance. I think it is perfect that you have the opportunity to read selections from your child rather than guessing what kids might like (the way I am doing it).


    1. Yes, I have really enjoyed the books my son has brought home from school. I really like to sit with him and hear him read them to me. I also enjoy reading my selection of books to him, although sometimes I find him falling asleep.LOL


  2. The books you chose this week seem like they would be great. How long were the books? Did any of them include illustrations or pictures? For what age- or grade-level would you recommend them? Which of them would you say was your favorite?


    1. I really enjoyed reading all of these books. None of the books were chapter books, and most of them were under 50 pages. The books did include illustrations and I think it is great as it helps the young readers to better understand what they are reading. It also helps them to predict what is happening or might happen before they start reading. I would say these books are appropriate for second grade and maybe an advanced first grader. Well, Storms was a great book. This books is from National Geographic for young readers, and I have to say even I learned something. Especially, now with all the horrible natural disasters people have been having in different areas of the world.

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