It is Monday! What are you reading?


Many were the books I wanted to read this week, however, my son got the following books from his school last year and he loves them. Every time he has to read a book, he ends up reading these books. They are super cute and definitely lets your imagination running.

The Doorbell Rang by, Pat Hutchins is a book that can definitely be used in a math lesson. This book teaches children to share and also how to divide cookies among how many friends there are. It all started when Ma made cookies (12) for Victoria and Sam and they had to equally divide them between them. All of a sudden Tom and Hannah from next door ringed the doorbell and the children must share their cookies with them. Children continue sharing their cookies with various children who came and ranged the doorbell too. At the end there are 12 cookies, and 12 children. How many cookie(s) does each child get?


love you

I Love You Forever by, Robert Munsch is a beautiful book about a mother who sings to her son since he was an infant. As the years go by and the son gets older, she continues singing to him even after he has become a grownup. In the end, when the mother has grown very old, things turn around and the son sings to his mother the same song she sang to him over the years. This is such a cute book, it was given to me when I was pregnant with my son.



Frog On A Log by, Res Gray and Jim Field is a story about a cat who commands a frog to sit on a log and the frog refuses because “Logs are all hard and uncomfortable. And they can give you splinters. Ouch!” said the frog. As the story continues, the cat gives various example of different animals and what they sit on. For example:

“Hares sit on chairs, Mules sit on stools, Gophers sit on sofas, Lions sit on irons,                    Parrots sit on carrots, Foxes sit on boxes, Fleas sit on peas, Goats sit on coats, Cows sit on plows, Storks sit on forks, Gorillas sit on pillars, Rats sit on hats, Weasels sit on easels, Moles sit on Poles, Seals sit on wheels, Doves sit on gloves, Newts sit on flutes, Lizards sit on wizards, Apes sit on grapes, Puffins sit on muffins, Snakes sit on cakes, Owls sit on towels, Gibbons sit on ribbons, Lambs sit on jams, and Bees sit on keys.” What do dogs sit on? asked the frog.

Dogs sit on FROGS!

This story has words that rhyme with each other. It is also a good book for children to predict what the animals will sit on.



Pig the Pug by, Aaron Blabey, is a story about a pug who was extremely greedy and selfish in most every way and he had to learn to share his toys with Trevor, another dog. “No, they are mine! Didn’t you hear? Only mine! You keep your paws off them, they are mine, mine, mine! This is a great book appropriate for a two year old which will help show that sharing with friends is    caring and nice.

And what are you reading?



My reading plan…



I definitely have to find time to sit down and read! After all, reading is good exercise for the brain, right? I hope that taking this Children’s Literature class will help me in my journey as a future teacher to better understand reading, and to help children learn to love books. Unfortunately, as a small child, I did not have the opportunity many children do have here in this country to access a public library. Many of the books I had were handed down to me from my two older brothers; and of course, most of the time they were ripped, missing a few pages, and falling apart.

Over the years, many teachers have taught me the beautiful art of reading and I have learned to enjoy it, that is when I do happen to find some free time to actually enjoy a book for pleasure and not because I have to read it. I have a son who is seven years and he loves going to the library. I want to continue encouraging him to look at books and to read then. When he was in first grade he was below average for his reading level. With a few months of reading with a para one on one, he exceed beyond his reading level. It is amazing what a few months can do.

Today, as I take this class, I hope to learn much and to share and discuss my personal and  critical responses with other students who are also going into the same field. There are so many books out there that children and adults too, can enjoy.

Book Meme…

There are several books that come to mind for this book meme. My husband bought a book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, which I have been trying to read for almost a year now, and to this date I still have not read it. In this book, the author  allows us to use our imagination as we explore and discover the world around us. This book helps readers learn how to use the authors words “in various aspects of our lives–  money, health, relationship, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world” in order to over come obstacles. Check the book out at the following URL

Another book which I enjoyed reading back in Middle school was Hank The Cowdog, by John R. Erickson. This book is all about the wonderful stories of Hank, the ranch dog who  is supposed be  guarding the ranch, and yet, he is always getting in trouble for one thing or another. This is a great book for those children who like to read about adventures. Check the books out at the following URL….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..15.10.2014.0..0i67k1.7iyGUrtqEpo

The Skippyjon Jones, by Judy Schachner, are fabulous books for the elementary age children. These books can also help children learn words in Spanish. These could be great books to incorporate into a Spanish lesson plan, and the children could write their own story in their journal and create puppets to tell the story. Check the book out at the following URL….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..22.30.4023.0..0i67k1.C7_SyiAE2U4