It is Monday…What are you reading?

AntsDo you like bugs? How about ants? How would you feel if you were an ant and you had to be careful of where you walk so people don’t step on you? For my Monday reading, I actually did not get to read, but my son read to me and asked questions as he read about ants. In the book, Thinking About Ants, by Barbara Brenner, we as readers get to learn many  facts about ants since this book is a nonfiction informational book. As children read this book, the author allows them to be part of the book and engage in it by asking questions about ants. For example, how many legs do aunts have? What colors are ants? Where do they live? Etc.

The illustrations in the book by Carol Schwartz are great. She enlarged the ants in order for the readers to imagine what the author is talking about. The fact that the illustrations are detailed, also allows the readers to “see” something realistic. The descriptive language the author uses allows the readers to enter the world of ants. The fact that there are not too many words on the pages to read, but rather a lot of pictures to look at, helps children to better understand the book and also allows them to use their imagination at all times.

I would recommend this book for either a second or third grader.

5 thoughts on “It is Monday…What are you reading?

  1. Yes, my son loved this book. I think your kids would love it as well. I believe my son enjoyed more the fact that he was able to ask my friend and I questions about the book and we tried to answer them. This is a book that definitely keeps the audience and reader engage at all times.


  2. I love these educational wildlife books that are fun but also jam packed with information! I used to do entomology in 4H when I was younger, so I was definitely one of those kids into bugs, and I would have LOVED a book like this. You are very lucky to have a son that wants to share with you, it probably makes weekly reading a lot easier!


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