sunsetGiven the choice to blog about some meme, I decided to blog about a beautiful sunset picture I took while at work at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains during the summer.

Having the opportunity to work at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains does not happen every day. For the last three years I have had the privilege to work at the Brinton Bradford Museum. My job was as a server at the Bistro. This year they decided to serve dinner from 5pm to 9pm. I have to say almost every night was incredibly beautiful with such a beautiful sunset. There were many times I would stop and go outside just to take a picture and admire the view. It is incredible what nature can do, and many times we just take it for granted. Sceneries like this don’t happen everyday. I am lucky to live in Wyoming and to be able to experience this beautiful view. I have lived in the city and it is not the same, the fresh air, plants, trees, animals are nowhere to be found.

I remember having many animal visitors as well ; everyday it was a different animal. Deers, turkeys, squirrels, pronghorns, and of course, one of our last visitors, momma bear and her cubs.

This is why I encourage everyone to take a moment off their busy life to look up and admire all the beautiful nature we have around us. sunset 1

Meme idea taken from the following link:

One thought on “Sunset…meme

  1. I absolutely loved seeing these photos because my hometown is just a short drive from the Big Horns! The mountains are my favorite place in the whole world and I definitely miss them while I’m in Nebraska. I’m glad that I could have a glimpse of them through your blog this week!


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