It Is Monday! What Are You Reading?

It is Thanksgiving weekend and we have all been busy, I know I have. To be honest I have not been reading as much as I probably should. However, there was a nice book I finally took the time to start reading, it is call To Be a Slave, by Julius Lester.

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This is a Newbery Honor book which discusses how Africans were forced to migrate under duress to serve as slaves for the American people, (slave owners). Many of them were sold, or traded as if they were merchandise. The stories told in this book are from real “slaves” who actually experienced this situation themselves and worked hard for freedom…

Many of the stories told in the book will definitely change the way you look at life, especially,  as these ex-slaves re-tell their lives as slaves! This is a great book to be used in a fifth grade lesson plan about history. I believe their stories would help the student’s to see life from a different perspective!

6 thoughts on “It Is Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. This book looks like a great resource for middle grade, and possibly even high school history lessons. I know they learn about slavery in these grade levels. I feel that this book would help them understand this was a real event, it actually happened. Thank you for sharing this book!


    1. Yes, I agree with you. I feel that this book would be more appropriate for a mature older kid, maybe 6th grade or higher. I would suggest this book for an older kid simply because of the language that is used throughout the book and all the details they use for the events they went through.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I have never heard of this book or the author. It does look like a good book. What was your favorite part in the book? Thank you for the book suggestion. I look forward to reading it.


    1. I have truly enjoyed the book and definitely suggest you read it. I am not sure if I have a favorite part, as I have enjoyed the whole book so far. The fact that the material in the book actually did happened to many people and they are brave enough to re-tell their own story, is just amazing!


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