What Am I Reading?

SlavesI have continued with my reading on the book, To Be a Slave, by Julius Lester. I am definitely enjoying this book as the ex-slaves re-tell their harsh stories and everything they had to endure before slavery ended. This book is a great resource which will help to educate children and readers overall about the dehumanizing and cruel events black slaves had to go through back in the day.

So far we have been introduced to the many things the slaves had to go through. Corporal punishment was the main thing slaves had to go through everyday, especially, when they tried to run away or did not listened to their owners. Separation of families continues to happen over and over again as I continue to learn about the auction block. At this auction, owners would sell and buy slaves in order for them to continue working in their fields. The rich people with money were the ones who were able to pick and choose who they would take with them. Once the slaves were bought, they had to walk and walk for several weeks, sometimes months in order to reach their destination where their new “home” would be.

To be continued…

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