Mock Caldecott

caldecottCritical thinking skills are definitely used when choosing Mock Caldecott books. But the question is, how do you choose proper books that will fit the whole class and what is the procedure?

Reading, evaluating, and discussing books is the main procedure.After reading Travis Jonker’s blog post, I have learned a few tips to consider when choosing Mock Caldecott books.

1-What is the story, theme, or concept of the book?
2-Have a physical copy of the books for the class
3-Picture books work better, especially with the illustration. However, don’t forget to consider other components such as; written text, design of the book, etc.

I have never done any Mock Caldecott, I have to say it does sound somewhat difficult. However, I believe the more practice there is between students and teacher, it will get easier, especially, when everyone has a certain theme in mind. I also believe it would be a great idea for teachers to get together and discuss various bools. Guided reading stations would be a great start, I believe. Last year I got the opportunity to observe a second grade class and every Monday two classes would get into groups and read and discuss a book of their choice. They also had a sheet they had to fill out as they read the book. It would be a great idea to save all these sheets and review them at the end of the year to find out which books were the most popular among the students and why they taught so. Did any of the discussed books win? Lets find out…



2 thoughts on “Mock Caldecott

  1. I believe that by using guided reading students will have the opportunity to hear different books which are up for nomination. They will also have the opportunity to choose a book that appeals to them.


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