It Is Monday! What Are You Reading?

the snowy dayI have spent the last two hours at the library with my son. I have been adding all the book I have read to Goodreads, which I forgot to do so…oops! Since December is here, I noticed a lot of christmas and snow related books are out. As I glanced around, I saw The Snow Day book, by Ezra Jack Keats which won a Caldecott Medal award back in 1963.

Have you ever been so excited about snow that you decided to take it home and save it to play with it later? I know I have! Back in 1999 my family and I moved to the United States from Mexico. As most of you know, we do not get any snow in Mexico, at least where I am from. I clearly remember the first day my brothers and I saw snow; it was incredible! After playing outside for several hours, I remember we made snowballs and brought them into the house and put them in the freezer thinking it was never going to snow again!

Today, 18 years later, the snow has continue to fall and I don’t care to make any snowballs; it is too cold. As I read this book, Peter, definitely reminds me of those days as he also decides to put a snowball in his pocket to play with it later. To his surprise, the snow continued to fall, too!  Ohhh silly kids…

4 thoughts on “It Is Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. What a great personal story you have included. Isn’t it funny how kids love it when it snows, but as adults we don’t as much. Did you know this book is featured on the US stamps as the Christmas/winter special? I thought that was neat.


    1. Thank you! Well, as I mentioned, I don’t necessarily care for the snow now days, but it is what it is. I did not know that this book was featured on the US stamps as the Christmas/winter special. How do you know that? Have you actually seen or used a stamp?


  2. I never did end up reading this book, though I have passed by it many times on other It’s Monday posts. Your personal story really brings this book to life for me and it is probably the reason I want to read it so much now. It is snowing a tiny bit here, but not the amount of snow that makes Christmas come faster. Sorry to hear that you haven’t put your books on goodreads yet! I can’t imagine how stressed I would be trying to remember all of the books I read, good luck!


  3. As read the book, it brought many good memories for sure.Thank you for sharing that because of my personal story you might actually read this book now. When I was on the library I was in the process of uploading all the books I had read throughout the semester. It did take me a while to get them all, but I did…


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