Reading Challenge…

The reading challenge has continued with the Froggy books. I have to say I made a great choice, as I have truly enjoyed all of Jonathan London’s books. I have read several of them and definitely suggest them to everyone. My son got super excited when he noticed I brought some more home!

For my reading challenge I said I was going to read all the series of Froggy. Apparently, there are a total of 28 books. These books are appropriate for a first or second grader. These books are great to be used with different lesson plans as well. So far I have read five of them, and I felt in love with them. Since these books are super short, I also have started reading, Reading in the Wild, by Donalyn Miller.

Check these books out, they are great…

Froggy’s Goes To Grandma’s froggy goes to grandmas

Froggy is so excited to go visit his grandma, as she always takes them to many exciting places. One of those great places was the museum, where the children got to see ‘”The famous Frogga Lisa by Leonardo da Piggy!”‘

Froggy’s Baby Sisterfroggy's sisiter

Froggy is super excited for the new baby to be born. Of course, he wants a baby brother so he can teach him many things like soccer, swimming, etc. However, when his parents come home, he is introduced to his new baby sister, Pollywogilina. He can’t wait for her to grow up and get her legs so they can do many things together. In the mean time ‘”Pollywogilina was sitting on Mommy’s lap sucking on a bottle of cream of fly mush!”‘

Froggy Plays in The Band Froggy plays in the band

Froggy is super excited to play the saxophone at the Marching band contest. He gathers a band and they practice everyday. Frogilina joined the band too, but she did not play an instrument. However, “she twirled a baton high in the air.” Will the children/band win the prize?

Keep tuned for more books to come…

What am I reading?

Olive-and-the-bad-mood-2Today we went to the library; oh so many books to choose from. I decided to let my son choose three books and read them to me. My niece, sister in law, and I were his audience. Since most of the time I find myself reading the books in my mind, I told him it was his turn to read a book to his cousin, who is only 18 months. The books my son chose are the following:

Olive and the bad mood by, Tor Freeman

Photo CC by, 

Talk about an angry cat! Olive lives a miserable life and is always mean to everyone else. Because of his bad mood, things seem to always happen to him as well. This story has a point…moral of story, treat everyone else the way you want to be treated!

The crocodile and Scorpion by, Rebecca and Ed Emberley

the crocodile and scorpion
Photo CC by, Mcmilliam 

I think we have all been in that situation where you give someone a hand, and they grab your foot. In other words, those who you help, end up betraying you! This is precisely what happened to a lazy crocodile who was minding his own business and sun bathing. The scorpion who wanted to cross the river asked the crocodile for help. The crocodile knew better not to do it, as he knew the scorpions are very poisonous. But the scorpion continued asking for help. Until…

… I suggest you read the book to find out what happened. Do you think the crocodile helped the scorpion?

Calm and Soothe by, Sanja Rescek

calm and soothe
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Remember those lullabies mommy use to sing before going to bed? This book has many of those lullabies, designed for infants…

Dog VS. Cat by, Chris Gall dog vs. cat

It is just impossible for a dog and a cat to live together, let alone share a room. This is the problem this two face when they are put in the same room. Cat won’t stop scratching. Dog won’t stop howling. It is always one or the other!

WWW (What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading? What do you think you will read next?)

Photo CC by: Epic reads

Wow, as incredible as it sounds, I got done with the book, Counting the stars, by Lois Lowry in just four days! Since I started reading this book, I knew this was the kind of material I had been looking for. This book took place back in 1948 when Germany was invading many small countries in Europe.

As I read the book, I actually thought this was a nonfiction book. However, to my surprise, Lois, the author states that the characters are fake people,  but the story Annemarie, the protagonist tells is a true story told to Lois by a good friend of hers whom actually did live through all of these events. The way Lois gave life to her characters and the words she chose, made the book sound as if Annemarie was actually living all of this herself.

I strongly encourage this book to anyone interested in history. I think this book is appropriate for a fourth or fifth grader. I was actually doing some research, and found out there is a movie too. I have to say I am glad I got the opportunity to read the book first, and then I will try to find the movie and see what the differences are, if there are any. Most of the time I find myself very disappointed with the movie, especially, if I have read the book first. I guess my imagination was way better than the movie…


It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Number the stars
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What comes to your mind when you hear the word Nazi? Does it make you think of Hitler, Germany, or maybe WWII? How would you feel if you had to run from them and constantly hide, being a prisoner in your own home and having to obey many rules. These are just a few of the many obstacles Annemarie Johansen and her Jew friend, Ellen Rosen, had to struggle through at the age of 10 in the book, Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry.

When I was in High school, I clearly remember reading the book, Anne Frank, a Jew girl who lived through WWII and kept a diary of everything she experience and saw. I really enjoyed this book and its contents. All these time I have been reading many books, but nothing similar to Anne Frank. A few day ago I visited the library and looked through many books which had won the John Newbery Medal award. I was about to check them out and instead decided to ask the librarian for books about the Holocaust. This is how I ended up choosing this book, Number the Stars. 

As I began reading the first three chapters, I knew this was the book I had been looking for. It has been super hard to put it down, and many times I have found myself going to bed at 12 or 1am reading this book. I have enjoyed this book so much, that I am practically done with it. Tonight, I plan on reading the last two chapters I have left. So keep tuned to hear what this book is all about…

Thursday Quotables…

reading in the wild

I have started to read a new book, Reading in the Wild, (The book whisperer’s keys to cultivating life long reading habits) by Donalyn Miller. I chose this book to help me as a reader and future teacher to learn reading habits just like the book states. I believe that it is very important for every child to have the opportunity to learn to love reading. I hope that this book will give me ideas to practice myself and to apply to my future classroom as well.  

In regards to the meme for this week, we are supposed to highlight a great quote, line, or passage discovered during my reading each week. Whether it’s something funny, startling, gut-wrenching, or just really beautifully written.

As previously stated, I have just began reading this book and it started out with a great quote which gives the reader a lot to think about…

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”

—- Gorge R. R. Martin

 A dance with Dragons 

What I understand is that the person who reads many books will get to experience many great things reading can offer, such as: training the brain, gaining more knowledge, and most important of all, using the imagination! 

Reading Challenge…

Froggy, by Jonathan London

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Reading is definitely a challenge for me, as it is something that does not come natural. However, I have to say this semester I have read more books than I have in the past years. Most important of all, I have really enjoyed these books, especially, since I have had the freedom to choose the books I want, whatever looks interesting to me. So for my reading challenge, I decided to read the Froggy series by Jonathan London.

My son who is in second grade gets to bring different books home every week. One day he brought two books about Froggy, Froggy learns to swim and Froggy’s first kiss,  and he read them to me. They were super cute and a book any child in the lower grades would definitely love to read. This is one of the reasons as to why I decided to read these books for my challenge. Although I know there are not too long, if I finish with most of them, I will challenge myself and start a new challenge. The other one I have in mind is Skippy John Jones, I definitely do love these books!




sunsetGiven the choice to blog about some meme, I decided to blog about a beautiful sunset picture I took while at work at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains during the summer.

Having the opportunity to work at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains does not happen every day. For the last three years I have had the privilege to work at the Brinton Bradford Museum. My job was as a server at the Bistro. This year they decided to serve dinner from 5pm to 9pm. I have to say almost every night was incredibly beautiful with such a beautiful sunset. There were many times I would stop and go outside just to take a picture and admire the view. It is incredible what nature can do, and many times we just take it for granted. Sceneries like this don’t happen everyday. I am lucky to live in Wyoming and to be able to experience this beautiful view. I have lived in the city and it is not the same, the fresh air, plants, trees, animals are nowhere to be found.

I remember having many animal visitors as well ; everyday it was a different animal. Deers, turkeys, squirrels, pronghorns, and of course, one of our last visitors, momma bear and her cubs.

This is why I encourage everyone to take a moment off their busy life to look up and admire all the beautiful nature we have around us. sunset 1

Meme idea taken from the following link:

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

readingBridge to Terabithia has finally come to an end! I have to say this book took me longer than I expected, but it was worth it. I had previously given a summary of what the book was all about; but this was only when I had just read the first two chapters.

Jess Aarons, a fifth grade boy could not wait for school to start. He had been running the whole summer hoping to be the number one runner at recess. His summer was long and boring, as he spent most of it taking care of Miss Bessie, the cow. One day, he noticed a moving van in the old Perkins house. Who knew this was going to change his life. That is exactly what happened, everything changed for him the one day he saw Leslie, his new neighbor. She was also in fifth grade and ended up in his classroom. As time went by, they became friends, especially, after that one day when Leslie and Wayne Pettis, Jess’ rival, ran against each other and she won. It did take a few days before Jess gave himself an opportunity to become Leslie’s friend. However, once they started talking to each other and hanging out together, they became inseparable.

Life was kind of boring for the two friends, and since Leslie had such a great imagination, she came up with the great idea of “creating Terabithia, a magical kingdom in the woods where the two of them reign as kind and queen, and their imagination set the only limits.” These helped Jess see life from a different perspective, he did not care what other people would say, as long as he was with his dear friend.

One day, unexpectedly everything changed! As Jess came back from his trip from Washington, he learned that his best friend, Leslie, had fallen off the rope they used to swing from one side of the river to get to their “kingdom.” This tragic event changed his life, but in the long run, he knew Leslie had changed his life for good.

This was such a great book and highly do recommend it, especially, since it is a John Newbery Medal award book. I believe this book is appropriate for an advanced fourth grader and/or a fifth grader. The book does have a few black and white illustrations through out the book to help the students better comprehend their reading. I love the fact that this book has several questions at the end of the book. These are great because teacher and students can conduct literature circle questions.

It is Monday…What are you reading?

AntsDo you like bugs? How about ants? How would you feel if you were an ant and you had to be careful of where you walk so people don’t step on you? For my Monday reading, I actually did not get to read, but my son read to me and asked questions as he read about ants. In the book, Thinking About Ants, by Barbara Brenner, we as readers get to learn many  facts about ants since this book is a nonfiction informational book. As children read this book, the author allows them to be part of the book and engage in it by asking questions about ants. For example, how many legs do aunts have? What colors are ants? Where do they live? Etc.

The illustrations in the book by Carol Schwartz are great. She enlarged the ants in order for the readers to imagine what the author is talking about. The fact that the illustrations are detailed, also allows the readers to “see” something realistic. The descriptive language the author uses allows the readers to enter the world of ants. The fact that there are not too many words on the pages to read, but rather a lot of pictures to look at, helps children to better understand the book and also allows them to use their imagination at all times.

I would recommend this book for either a second or third grader.

I Love Reading…Mrs. Danalyn Miller

Daniel 2
According to my son, Daniel, “reading tells you cool facts about books. Some are fiction and others are nonfiction.”

Imagine being a six grader and reading up to 40 books for the whole school year! I have to say these are a lot of books! This is precisely what happens in Mrs. Danalyn Miller’s classroom every year. The children are super excited to be in her class as she provides the tools necessary for these students to enjoy and love reading. Mrs. Miller shares her love and passion for books with her students all the time and encourages them to do the same.

Most important of all, she allows the children to choose their own book of interest. I believe this is a very strong power of choice as they will be more excited about their reading material and will not feel “forced” to read a certain book, but something they were freely able to choose. Another great thing Mrs. Miller does is giving the students time to read in the classroom as well. Unfortunately, some children are not as lucky as others and do not get time to read at home or have the resources to do so. Sometimes, some children have parents who do not speak the language and this prevents the students from advancing their reading level as the parents are not able to help them out because of the language barrier. I have personally experienced this, and it was super hard for me as a student and person. I can imagine my parents feeling powerless as well, wanting to help, but unable to do so!

By now we have learned that every child is different and learns under different circumstances. In other words, one shoe does not fit every child. This is why it is very important to encourage all children equally, including those who are falling behind. Finding ways to help them out or maybe partnering them with the advanced students will help. This is why, I believe that having an extrinsic reward in place is also a great idea. I am not sure if I totally agree with her idea of “the reward being reading.” I believe that when students are encouraged to continued their great work ethic, other people such as peers, parents, teachers, etc. know about it, it makes the student feel more “powerful” and are encouraged to continue doing what they are doing.

In conclusion, this article was a reminder of the many things we as future teachers can do in our classrooms in order to help our students to enjoy and love reading. We must follow Mrs. Millers footsteps as they are creating a positive atmosphere in her classroom with her students!

Daniel reading
This is my son, Daniel, reading lots of books!