Finding time to read…


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There have been many occasions where reading seems impossible, or so I think! But the question is, if I find plenty of time to watch television, why don’t I find some time to sit down and read a book as well? Being a “loyal” reader can be difficult, but I believe there are many ways one can practice to try and find some time from a busy schedule to read a book…

I have to say it has been harder than I thought it would be to find time to read. Having to work two jobs, going to school part time and taking care of my son, husband, and home can have many obstacles. One of my jobs is a Certified Nurse Assistance and I work the graveyard shift. Of course, I am so tired all the time that all I want to do is sleep. When I finally do get a chance to pick up a book, I start falling sleep… not good. However, despite all these obstacles, I have been trying to do the following things to squeeze a few extra minutes of reading here and there. It doesn’t necessarily work all the time like I wish it did, but eventually the minutes do add up. I will continue trying my best.

Watching television-

Instead of watching television for one hour or longer, how about splitting that one hour into 30 minutes of television, and 30 minutes of reading time? Of course it will be very difficult at the begging, but if we stick to the same procedure, it will eventually become a habit.

Reading to children, or even to other adults-

It is great to sit down and read to children, I mean who doesn’t enjoy a children’s book? But what if I don’t have any children? It is ok, adults enjoy children’s books as well. Even reading a book once a day, will get you trained to start reading more and more books.

Read a book as you wait-

There have been many occasions where I have sat in the waiting room for 30 minutes or more. Instead of looking at Facebook, Snapchat or other websites, I can definitely open a book and read a few pages.

Reading before going to bed-

I have heard many times that if you are having difficulty sleeping, a great book can be the solution. I believe that it helps ease the body and relax the brain.

I believe that when a person wants to “desperately” do something, in this case find time to read, it can be done. Obviously, it will take time to get accustomed, but it sure can be done. When it comes to children, I believe that if we introduce them to books at an early age, they will grow to enjoy reading. Especially, when they have the freedom ┬áto choose their own books.

4 thoughts on “Finding time to read…

  1. Wow your post if great! What a great idea to cut down on television watching and social media time to read instead. We often wonder where our day has gone but I bet if we logged all the time we spend on electronics we would be shocked. You mentioned reading to kids or even adults, maybe you could spend some time at work reading to one or a group of your patients. I know this would be very enjoyable for them and would help you in finding time to read.


    1. Thank You! I really like your idea about reading to the residents; I never thought about that. And yes, I have been trying my best to not watch as much television and focus more on my reading. I have to say it is working so far. But since I also do graveyard shifts, I find myself falling asleep if I did not get enough sleep during the day…ooops!


  2. I totally agree that it is hard to find time to read. Also to get into habit to read when I have a free time. I agree with you if you have time to watch T.V. so there is time to read. I just need to start pushing myself harder to read.


  3. Surprisingly I am not the only one dealing with the whole situation of finding time to read. Hopefully by the end of the semester we will be active readers and not think twice about picking up a book to read. It will be just pure habit!


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