Meme…What is next?

touching spirit bearWell, since the book I read this week had to do with animals, I decided to read Touching Spirit Bear by, Ben Mikaelsen. In this book we are introduced to Cole, the main character and the kind of life he lived. One day, he ¬†attacks another student and has to suffer the consequences. However, in order to avoid going to Juvenile jail, he agrees to attend a native American Circle Justice in a remote island in Alaska where he must learn to survive off the island and what is available. Harvey, a native American tries to help him “survive” as he himself has been through a similar experience. Cole is a teenager who has been through many drastic events in his life as he had to live with an alcoholic mother, and a father who always beat him for everything. The day that Cole gets to meet Harvey, his life starts to change dramatically as he realizes he wants to help him to overcome this obstacle. However, Cole is not willing to give in, even for his own good, without a “fight.”

After court, Harvey agrees to take Cole to the island, and once in the island, Cole has an encounter with a giant spirit bear. Through this encounter, he learns to see life differently and learns that there will always be either negative or positive consequences from his acts. As we continue reading the book, many thoughts and “pictures” come to mind and makes us wonder if what is happening is actually real, or just a dream…

6 thoughts on “Meme…What is next?

  1. This sounds a little like the movie “Brother Bear” except that was an upbeat children’s cartoon. I am not sure I would read this mostly because it sounds pretty dark with a lot of conflict. I would like to know though, how did you find out about this book?


    1. I have never watched this movie, so I’m not sure. However, I do have to say this book can be “dark.” There are many events such as when Cole gets mauled by the bear that can be explicit. However, keep in mind that as a reader, you are trying to find out if that event did happen, or if it was just Coles imagination! I read this book several years ago in a Social studies class I took.


    1. Well, since All about Ivan was about a bear, Touching Spirit Bear also came to mind. I really did enjoy Touching Spirit Bear, and I have to say once I started this book, it was hard to put down. I love when reading materials do that! I believe this is where the reading enjoyment sparks, right? Honestly, I am not even sure if I decided if it actually did happen, or if it was just a dream. However, I can say that because of this “event,” Cole learned to view life from a different perspective! I am not sure if this book received a medal, I will have to do some research on that. Thanks for your great questions!


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