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I have become the reader I am today because various people took their time to sit with me and teach me the beautiful world of reading. Reading and writing go hand in hand, without one it is hard to master the other one, and vise versa. If someone asked me if I was a reader, my answer would be no, at least not for pleasure. Yes, I will pick up a book when I have to for a class or some activity. But picking a book because I have the desire to have fun and read something, happens rarely, if not never. Growing up I did not have access to a library, due to the fact that we lived in a poor rural town. The few books I had were passed down to me from my two older brothers, and most of the time they were old, torn, and falling apart.

     Today, as an adult I have come to realize that being able to read is essential in every day life. It would definitely be hard to function and communicate if one lacks the reading and writing skills. I look at my son, who is 7, and all the progress he has made in his reading in just a few years. It is extremely important to introduce children to the reading world when they are young so they can learn to appreciate books at a young age. As a future teacher I must also keep in mind that nit ask children learn from the same materials or the same way. Learning to read can be a long process, but at the end it is totally worth it. Today, I tried to make time out of my busy schedule so we can browse the library and find books he is interested in. I would love for him to grow up loving to read and enjoying it, not doing it because the teacher and mom said so…








4 thoughts on “Reading Experiences

  1. That is awesome that you like to read and also that you were taught and shown how important reading is I am not a reader but I do like to read to my kids and also this class and other classes make you read more than you want. I also agree with you that teaching my kids the skills to read and to write it is very important to life and to succeed in school and also in the real world. Awesome Blog. One thing I would like to ask is what is your favorite book to read?


    1. Well, I don’t necessarily have much time to just sit and read. Most of the time I’m so tiered I find my self falling asleep rather than reading books. However, I do try to make a little space to read to my son and encourage him to continue with his reading abilities. I don’t think I necessarily have a favorite book, but I do enjoy reading the series of Princess Diaries and Anne Frank. How about you?


  2. You raise a really important point here: if we expect kids to read, we need to make sure they have access to books. And not just any books–books that they want to read, books that are appealing. Classroom libraries are a vital part of literacy education. Sure, kids can leave the classroom to go to the library and get a book–but it’s so much more powerful when the books are in the classroom with us.


    1. Yes, I agree. I believe that when children have a choice to read something, they will enjoy way more than if they are told what to read. I also agree that classroom libraries are vital because it allows children to find more books without having to step out.


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