Meme…what is next?

Dear Mr. Henshaw,

dear. mr. henshawWell, the book I chose this week to read has won a John NewBerry Medal. The book is called, Dear Mr. Henshaw, it was recommended by Mrs. Ellington and I am glad I chose it. This is a chapter book which has a few illustrations here and there and I would recommend this book to a second or third grader.

In this story, we meet Leigh Botts, who is in fourth grade now. The first time Leigh wrote to Mr. Henshaw, an author of children’s book, he was in second grade. All these time until now he has kept in touch with Mr. Henshaw and through his writing, he tells him all about his life and things going on. Through his writing, Leigh asked for advice from Mr. Henshaw as to how he can become a better writer? However, I believe Leigh has not figure out that he is a great writer as he tells us and Mr. Henshaw all bout his life. Leigh tells us about his mother, who works for a catering business and goes to school at night, and about his father, who drives a truck. His parents got divorced, and because of this, he hardly ever gets to see his father and gets to spend his time alone at home while his mom is at school.¬†Throughout the story, we continue reading about the conflict between Leigh and his father. The fact that he hardly ever gets to see his dad makes him sad, but deep inside his heart, he still wishes and hopes for his dads call and to one day see the big truck parked outside his mobile home.

In one of the letters Leigh wrote to Mr. Henshaw, Leigh told him he got to read his brand new book, Beggar Bear, which apparently the setting took place in Yellowstone, Wyoming! Prior to this letter, Leigh had asked him a lot of personal questions and Mr. Henshaw did answer them. However, he also asked Leigh a lot of personal questions and his mom insisted that he answered them all. Because of this, I also have questions:

-Is Mr. Henshaw a real author?

-Did Mr. Henshaw really write the book Beggar Bear?

-I have to say some tourist in Yellowstone Park are very stupid indeed…

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