Reading Reflection…

booksI have to say that getting into the habit of constantly having a book in my hands is harder than I thought it would be. At the beginning of the semester, I learned I would have to stay busy reading many childrens books. I have to say I have tried staying up to date, but with so many things going on around me it is hard to do so at times. And when I do find some time to finally sit and read my book, I find myself falling asleep- not good.

I have been at the public library many times and have found many great books I have had the pleasure to read. The very last one I read, Dear Mr. Henshaw by, Beverly Clearly won a John Newberry Medal. This was a great book and I highly recommend the books which have won the Newberry award. The next book I have in mind is Hatched by, Gary Paulsen, which also won a Newberry award. I asked the librarian if she had read this book and she said yes and that she did recommend it.

What can I do in order to read more? I have asked myself this question many times! Besides working two jobs, going to school, taking care of my son, and my house, I need to make my reading a priority as well. However, I have found myself looking through my cell phone on Facebook when I could use this time to read a book. It is the same thing with television! I need to stop watching television and read more. Next time, I am going to watch t.v for 10 minutes and read for 15. I believe that if I do this as a routine, I will eventually trained myself and automatically do it.

One thing I do have to share with everyone is that I take my reading material to work and one of my coworkers said to me one day, “Wow, you really like to read, uh?” “I am pretending like I do,” I replied. Even after I said this to her, I thought all night about all the books I have read so far and how much I have enjoyed reading them. Many times we think we need to read a book because we have to, but in this case it is different. It is different because I have the freedom to choose books which are appealing to me. And this is where the big difference is and what makes it more interesting! Hopefully next time I blog about how my reading time is going, I will write about all the books I have had the opportunity to read and how I am making time out of my busy schedule to read them. Not because I have to, but because I have the desire to do so!

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