It is Monday! What are you reading?

holesStanley has been digging holes: five feet deep and five feet wide for the last few months ever since he was wrongly sent to a boys’ detention center in Camp Green Lake for supposedly stealing a pair of shoes. Louis Sachar, author of the book, Holes, and winner of the Newberry Award introduces us to the life of Stanley and his family.

Stanley lived a good life with his family and his grandfather who loved inventing things. Stanley’s life changed that one day when he was walking under a bridge when all of a sudden a pair of shoes landed on him. Another boy, (Zero), had stolen the shoes and the police was after him, so he decided to throw the shoes over the bridge, ironically the shoes landed on Stanley and this was enough evidence for the police to arrest him. After being arrested by the police, Stanley gets sent to the detention center where he meets Zero, another boy who is also serving time at the camp. As time goes by, the boys become friends. Zero, who did not know how to read or write got interested in learning to do so. So both Stanley and Zero decided to do a deal; Stanley would teach Zero how to read and write, and Zero would help Stanley to dig his holes. One day, the boys tell each other the reason as to why they ended up at the camp. Ironically, Zero realizes that because of him, Stanley ended up at the camp. As we continue reading the book, we find out what they boys decide to do…

One day, everything changes for the boys when all of a sudden they find a hidden treasure in one of the holes they were digging. This day becomes the start of a new life for them…

2 thoughts on “It is Monday! What are you reading?

  1. I have watched the movie probably a dozen times but I have never read the book. It sounds like it the movie must follow the book pretty well. This is something I am working on is reading the books that some of my favorite movies were created from. What made you choose holes this week other than it being a Newbery winner?


  2. I have to say the movie and book do follow each other pretty well. I do remember when the movie came out back in like 2006 or so. I went to the movie theater to watch it, and it was pretty good. So, of course, it was time to read the book now, especially, being a Newbery winner. As a reader I have read many books and then watch the movie. I have to say that was a big disappointment, as the book was way better than the movie. But I do have to keep in mind that as a reader we get the opportunity to create our own ideas of what is going on in the book and what the character look like.


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