Motivating myself to become a reader…

kidsIt has been several months since I started the journey of getting into the habit of reading. Along the road, I have found many obstacles; but I have also manage to read interesting books which have left me to wanting to continue reading more and more. I have been to the library many times now, and I believe that by now all the staff there knows me. However, the other day when I went there, I started having a conversation with the librarian about this class and how I as a student and future teacher could encourage myself and my future

students to read. She told me of several tips which were great ideas.  The following are some tips:

-What is that you are interested in reading? What topic?

-Do you like fiction or nonfiction books? Do you like sports, animals, princesses, etc. books?

-Take a book off the shelf that looks interesting to you. Open the book to any page and read three or four pages. Do you like what you have just read? Is it interesting and appealing to read? Was the writing easy to understand? Would this book be something you might think of reading?

-If there was a book you really enjoyed reading, reading the whole series is always a good idea. However, starting with the first book is always a better idea. This way, it will be much easier to understand what is going on and getting familiar with the characters and setting.

-Ask other people or peers for suggestions on different books they have read.

-The librarian also told me about a nation wide data base which people can log into and research about different books. This is a great site as it allows you to find books by title, author, genre, etc. It also has a description about the book, grade level, and the author.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this site, click on the following link…

To begin, click on the Explore tab and choose Research

choose statewide databases

under “browse resource by tittle,” click on the letter N

Towards the bottom of the page click on Novelist k-8 Plus and this will allow you to research many books and find more information about them

The Novelist k-8 Plus is especially for young readers. It has reading recommendation for both fiction and nonfiction, for kids in grade k-8. This is a great tool to use to find just the right books for every reader.

Also, towards the bottom of the page you can click on Browse working with youth, which helps program ideas, match books to readers and other great reader’s advisory tip. I believe all this information is great to help me and other readers start reading. When many tools like this are available out there, it definitely makes things much easier.









6 thoughts on “Motivating myself to become a reader…

  1. Looks like you librarian gave you a lot of great tips. Which one will you start with? What a great tool you have shared with us all in helping to find great books. Thanks for the information. What kind of books do you see yourself looking for?


    1. Thank you! And yes, indeed she did share a great tool with me. As future readers and teachers, this could be a great asset in the classroom in order to find books for the children’s interest. The next book I am interested in reading is Hatchet. I have heard great reviews about this book.


  2. I can tell it will be a great tool as well, especially, in our future classroom. Through this tool, it will be easier to find books for the students to read according to their interest. I am glad to have shared this website with my classmates and hope everyone uses it to their advantage.


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