And the reading continues…

froggyWell, I have to say this week I did not get to read as much as I had to, or wanted to. However, I learned about a new author, Jonathan London. Apparently he has a series of books about Froggy and the many things he gets to do or learns to do. I got to read two of his books. The first one was, Froggy’s First Kiss and the second one was Froggy Learns to Swim.

In the book, Froggy’s First Kiss, we are introduced to Froggy, who is a frog of course, and how everything changed for him the day he met Froginlina, the pretties frog he has ever met. Because of this, he wanted to make a valentine’s card for the love of his life. Throughout class, we find out how mesmerized he is by her and it makes us think that the card he is making will end up in her hands. To the readers surprise, Froggy gives the valentine card to his mother, who in return gave him a big old KISS on the cheek!

Froggy 2“Bubble bubble, toot toot, chicken, airplane, soldier,” were just some of the words Froggy’s mom would use to encourage Froggy, the frog, to swim. Wait, aren’t frogs natural swimmers? Yes, but not this one. Learning to swim was the obstacle for Froggy, but his mom never gave up on him. The mother continued to encourage him to swim, and to the readers surprise, once Froggy actually tried to swim, he told his mom,”No! no! I don’t want to get out! I want to swim!”

I loved the illustrations on both books. Frank Remakewicz does a great job on them. The fact that children are able to see pictures all over the pages I believe encourages them to continue reading and fall in love with the book. I also like the fact that some of the pages are just white and black, which adds a different touch and view to the book. The language that is used in these types of books will be stuck in kid’s mind motivating them to continue reading more and more of the series. Jonathan has over 40 books about Froggy and his adventures. These two books I read are for a second grade reader.

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