Meme…what is next?

bridge to terabithiaBridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson is my next book adventure. This John Newbery Medal winner has been recommended to me by several people. I love when people see me with the book and everyone exclaims what a great book it is and how they remember when they read it back in fifth grade! I have to say these words give me the encouragement I need in order to continue my “reading marathon!”

I have just read two chapters in the book so far. But I will let you know what I have been introduced to so far…

We are introduced to Jess, a boy who is about to enter fifth grade in Lark Creek Elementary school, and has a big old family which includes four sisters. It is obvious that he does not get along with his sisters, well, except May Belle, who apparently looks up to him. Every morning he gets up early to run, as he wants to be the fastest runner in the class and impress everyone when the school year starts.

One day, Jess saw a moving van parked across his house at the old Perkins place, apparently someone was moving in and he was wondering who it was. Days later, when he was running, all of a sudden a person with “jaded brown hair cut close to its face and wore one of those blue undershirtlike top with faded jeans cut off above the knees” started talking to him. According to this book description, it will be the girl who is going to come and change his life and imagination!

To be continued…

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