What Am I Currently Reading?

reading in the wildI have continued reading, Reading in the Wild, by Donalyn Miller. However, I have to say it has been hard to stay focus in this book. I am not sure why, maybe because it is such a long book and there are hardly any pictures involved. I also have been trying to focus on my reading for my other class, and I believe this has to do a lot with it.

The introduction in this book starts by telling the reader many of the “tricks” teachers can use in order to keep children engaged/involved in reading. However, as future teachers we must remember that one shoe does not fit every student. In other words, we must keep in mind that what works for one student will not always work for another. As future teacher we must be flexible to change and not be afraid to change something in the middle of the “lesson” in order to suit the learning of the students better.

We are also reminded that when students find a book they truly enjoy, it will be easier for them to read and continue reading. The book says, ” the real purposes of reading include personal connections—- that books can touch us all deeply and elicit laughter, tears, and other reactions.” These words are so true! When we feel a connection with a certain book, it allows us to continue reading the same material and/or find more material by the same author. Recently, I read the book, Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry and definitely enjoyed the way she wrote the book, especially, since this book won a John Newbery Award. The reason as to why I chose to read this book was because I was looking for material related to the Holocaust. In her series of books, The Giver, ¬†also won a John Newbery Award and this will the next book I will be reading.

Stay tuned to find out with me what this book is all about…¬†

5 thoughts on “What Am I Currently Reading?

  1. This looks like a good book for educators. I feel that it wouldn’t really be “light reading” so it may need to be read over a longer period of time or maybe even just read by the sections that seem most important. I haven’t read Number the Stars yet or The Giver but I hope to read them both someday. It sounds like you are working hard on your reading plan and I love that you are reading books that are also instructional in nature.


    1. Thank you! I have to say this is a long book, but Miller has given many good tips as to how to engage students into reading. Many of her tips have been things we have been doing in this class. I have also tried several things such as carrying a book in the car, having a book in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in my purse, and pretty much everywhere. Using every spare minute I have to read is the key.

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