Reading Challenge…

The reading challenge has continued with the Froggy books. I have to say I made a great choice, as I have truly enjoyed all of Jonathan London’s books. I have read several of them and definitely suggest them to everyone. My son got super excited when he noticed I brought some more home!

For my reading challenge I said I was going to read all the series of Froggy. Apparently, there are a total of 28 books. These books are appropriate for a first or second grader. These books are great to be used with different lesson plans as well. So far I have read five of them, and I felt in love with them. Since these books are super short, I also have started reading, Reading in the Wild, by Donalyn Miller.

Check these books out, they are great…

Froggy’s Goes To Grandma’s froggy goes to grandmas

Froggy is so excited to go visit his grandma, as she always takes them to many exciting places. One of those great places was the museum, where the children got to see ‘”The famous Frogga Lisa by Leonardo da Piggy!”‘

Froggy’s Baby Sisterfroggy's sisiter

Froggy is super excited for the new baby to be born. Of course, he wants a baby brother so he can teach him many things like soccer, swimming, etc. However, when his parents come home, he is introduced to his new baby sister, Pollywogilina. He can’t wait for her to grow up and get her legs so they can do many things together. In the mean time ‘”Pollywogilina was sitting on Mommy’s lap sucking on a bottle of cream of fly mush!”‘

Froggy Plays in The Band Froggy plays in the band

Froggy is super excited to play the saxophone at the Marching band contest. He gathers a band and they practice everyday. Frogilina joined the band too, but she did not play an instrument. However, “she twirled a baton high in the air.” Will the children/band win the prize?

Keep tuned for more books to come…

6 thoughts on “Reading Challenge…

  1. I am glad you are enjoying the froggy books as I know many people do. They are not books that I have enjoyed reading. Froggy goes on many adventures that children are very interested in hearing about. How did you like the other book you read this week, Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller?


    1. Well, how come you did not like these books?
      In regards to Reading in the Wild, the book has talked about many things us readers and future teachers can do in order to help children to love books. A great example is giving them time to read in the classroom, at least 30 minutes.


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