What am I reading?

Olive-and-the-bad-mood-2Today we went to the library; oh so many books to choose from. I decided to let my son choose three books and read them to me. My niece, sister in law, and I were his audience. Since most of the time I find myself reading the books in my mind, I told him it was his turn to read a book to his cousin, who is only 18 months. The books my son chose are the following:

Olive and the bad mood by, Tor Freeman

Photo CC by, Amazon.com 

Talk about an angry cat! Olive lives a miserable life and is always mean to everyone else. Because of his bad mood, things seem to always happen to him as well. This story has a point…moral of story, treat everyone else the way you want to be treated!

The crocodile and Scorpion by, Rebecca and Ed Emberley

the crocodile and scorpion
Photo CC by, Mcmilliam 

I think we have all been in that situation where you give someone a hand, and they grab your foot. In other words, those who you help, end up betraying you! This is precisely what happened to a lazy crocodile who was minding his own business and sun bathing. The scorpion who wanted to cross the river asked the crocodile for help. The crocodile knew better not to do it, as he knew the scorpions are very poisonous. But the scorpion continued asking for help. Until…

… I suggest you read the book to find out what happened. Do you think the crocodile helped the scorpion?

Calm and Soothe by, Sanja Rescek

calm and soothe
Photo CC by, Amazon.com 

Remember those lullabies mommy use to sing before going to bed? This book has many of those lullabies, designed for infants…

Dog VS. Cat by, Chris Gall dog vs. cat

It is just impossible for a dog and a cat to live together, let alone share a room. This is the problem this two face when they are put in the same room. Cat won’t stop scratching. Dog won’t stop howling. It is always one or the other!

4 thoughts on “What am I reading?

  1. I have to say he did make some great choices. We were limited on time so he practically just grabbed the first book. But I do have to agree with you that one of those books was very appropriate for my niece, and the rest for him and us.


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