What Am I Currently Reading?

using tech in the classroom
Phot CC: by Constant Contact 

Well, the book that I mostly focused on reading this weekend is not necessarily children’s literature. For my other class, we had to read two long chapters and choose categories to write about. In the book, Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, by Pitler, Hubbell, and Kuhn, chapter five talks about using linguistic form (as language) and nonlinguistic form (as mental images and physical sensations) in the classroom. I talked about using the nonlinguistic form and how to incorporate various applications and programs.

As future teachers it is very important to remember and to keep in mind that every students is different and thus will learn differently; which includes learning styles. Personally, I have always been a visual learner, I have to see information in order to remember better, than just hearing about it. Visual learners are able to retain information better when they have the opportunity to see visual examples such as picture or diagrams, videos, written examples and directions, among other things. This chapter talks about nonlinguistic representations, and about the many “representations which enhance students’ ability to use mental images to represent and elaborate on knowledge, such as nonlinguistic representations” (mental images and physical sensations) (Pitler, Hubbell, and Kuhn p.p. 105). Lets keep in mind that nonlinguistic representation also includes kinesthetic and many type of learners as well.

Thinking about it, this nonlinguistic form definitely relates to children and reading. When children are beginning to learn to read, having illustrations in the books actually helps them to better understand what is going on and many times it helps to guide them with their reading as well. I actually remember when my son was beginning to read and he would rely on the pictures in order to continue his reading when he was not sure how to pronounce a word. I believe it is very important to expose children to the various ways of learning.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right…?

2 thoughts on “What Am I Currently Reading?

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post. I too have Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, by Pitler, Hubbell, and Kuhn book. I have it for Topics in Education. Are you in that class? I really enjoyed reading Chapter 5. I felt it was very informing.


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