It is Monday! What are you reading?

I went to the library in search for more Froggy books this afternoon, unfortunately, I only found two. So I decided to bring two more books from the same author, Jonathan London. The illustrations London uses in his books are very colorful and appealing to the young readers, as well as to adults. The fun words he uses throughout the books are entertaining as well. Such words are: whoosh, yes, splash, slop, blue, zap, etc. These books are appropriate for first or second graders.

duck and hippo
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Duck and Hippo In The Rainstorm

This is a book that will definitely teach young children what friendship is and how nice it is to share what you have with your friends, in this case the two odd friends, Duck and Hippo share an umbrella when they go for a walk on a rainy afternoon. During this walk, the two friends experience many adventurous events.





froggy plays t-ball
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Froggy Plays T-Ball

Another super cute story about Froggy! This time Froggy starts to play T-Ball and his father is the coach. On the way to the game, his dad reminds him of the steps when he hit the ball; “First, run to first. Second, run to second. Third, run to third. Then run home!  It is obvious that Froggy does not know how to play this game, especially, when he swings and lets go of the bat hitting Max in the head. Towards the end of the game, after hitting the ball far, Froggy does just what his dad told him. However, after third base, instead of running to home base, he started running to his real home. Frogilina yelled, “Not your home, silly! Home plate!”

lets go froggy
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Let’s Go Froggy! 

Froggy wants to go on a bike ride with his father. However, overtime he is about to step outside, he wants to bring a new item with him. The problem is, he does not know where he has left anything. This is when his father tells him that “it should be where he left them last!” Read the book to find out if Froggy will ever get to go on his bike ride…


sun dance water dance
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Sun Dance Water Dance

Summer has finally gotten here and the children can’t wait to go outside and enjoy the many adventures which can be done in the summer. Swimming, walking on the edge of the water, looking at nature, and many other things are fun things the children get to do! The illustrations and beautiful colors in this book are just astonishing. I love the color choice for each page. It helps to describe what is going on and the warm colors also help to welcome the children into reading.

11 thoughts on “It is Monday! What are you reading?

  1. Isn’t it so much fun to explore the different works of authors? I really enjoy seeing what different things an author writes about. What did you think of the two other books compared to the Froggy books? Will you now explore other books from Johnathan London?


    1. I have to say I did enjoy reading the two other books. It interesting to see a “different” material by the same author. However, I do have to say I did enjoy the Froggy books better than these other ones.


    1. I think I still like the Froggy books better. They are just more cute and I think children will enjoy them better, especially, with all the beautiful and colorful illustrations.


  2. I loved the Froggy books as a kid, and this makes me want to go back and read them again! I agree that the illustrations in all of these books are just incredible! Illustrations are so important and I think that these books do a great job of pulling you in and help tell the story with the pictures. I’ll definitely have to check them out!


    1. I have really enjoyed them as well. I actually introduced to these books because my son brought two of them from school and read them to me. I became interested in them and decided to make them my reading challenge. I am glad I did! I do suggest for you to read them, it is almost guaranteed you will loved them again!

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  3. I really like how you pointed out how colorful the books are. Sometimes we don’t really notice, but to a little kid, the attractiveness of the pictures could make or break a book. I love the Froggy books, even though I have noticed that most of them really don’t teach a lesson.


    1. Yes, the illustrations on the books are great and very colorful. I agree with you that they help to guide the children as they read the book. Why do you say you don’t feel they help teach a lesson?


      1. Well I have noticed how most books that teach a lesson have very obvious lessons like sharing or trying new things, but Froggy books seem more just stories more than learning tools.


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