Tech Tools For Sharing Learning

Photo CC By: Mayra Pelayo







Have you ever heard the saying, ‘a picture can tell a 1,000 words?’ In the assignment for this week ,we were given three graphic/visual tech tools to learn about: piktochart, canva, and comic book/strip and the option to focus on one, learn about it, and create some kind of graphic or visual to share about our learning or experiences with our Independent Learning Project, which mine was learning how to crochet.

Piktochart, canva, and comic book/strip are online tools which help people to create visuals. Click on piktochart , canva or comic book/strip creation to learn more about these great tools. Personally, I decided to create my visual with canva. Canva is pretty easy to navigate through, of course, once you have it down. If you are new to these tools like I am, there will definitely be some challenges. Learning how to operate all the templates, images, layouts, texts, backgrounds, downloads, etc. can be hard at the beginning. However, once you know what each thing does, it should become easier. If you are unsure how to navigate canva, check this canva tutorial, it sure helps.  Crochet was something totally new for me. However, now after making a crochet headband with a flower, I have familiarized myself with this beautiful art. After using this canva tool, it helped me to organize the process of my crochet. It definitely helped as an infographic which allowed me to create a visual and it is easier to remember.

In conclusion, I do think there is value in presenting information with these kinds of visual/graphic styles. As a future teacher, it would be a great idea to get familiar with these tools prior to presenting them in class. These are great tools to be used in the classroom and help students tell their stories. It is especially, a great tool for those students who are visual learners. Using comic book/strips creations are great for those students who have problems with reading. By simply adding a few lines to their comics, it allows them to tell a story, of course, with the help of the pictures as well. So come and explore these great tech tools. Open a new tab, choose a design, get inspired, and of course, create!!!

Check out my //” target=”_blank”>Crochet Canva


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