It is Monday! What are you reading?

Believe it or not, for this assignment I had to go to the library and find 30 Caldecott award winning books. Yes, 30 books! Out of those 30 books, I had to pick 15 which caught my attention. I have to say that reading children’s books can be fun.

WHITE SNOW BRIGHT SNOW- Everyone’s daily activities change when the first snowflake comes and it continues snowing. However, the children are super excited for the snow to fall so they can play with the snow and build a snowman.

FIRST THE EGG- This is one of those books where you have to know what came first? Was it the egg or the chicken? As the book continues, the author presents us with information about what came first or second in a way that rhymes.

KNUFFLE BUNNY TOO- Trixie is starting school and her snuffle bunny is coming too. She can’t wait to show everyone else her bunny. That is, until she notices that another girl has the exact same bunny. This is where problems start, and a friendship too.

FLOTSAM- Another picture books which allows your imagination to run wild. Especially, after the boy finds the camera and looks at all the pictures. This is where he finds a new world under the sea! After he has looked at all the pictures, he decided to continue letting the camera travel and allow other children to look at the various pictures.

BLACKOUT- When the lights go out, this is the perfect time to spend with family and find fun things to do.

 THE GREY LADY AND THE STRAWBERRY SNATCHER- I have to say I was surprised that no words were included in this book, only pictures. As I flipped through the pictures, I had to have a good imagination and create my own story as I looked at the pictures. The pictures are full of surprise and wonder, including suspense.


THE GARDEN OF ABDUL GASAZI- This is a great book for those kids who like mystery and magic. Who would ever believe that a magician can turn a dog into a duck? This is what happened to Fritz when he entered Mr. Abdul Gasazi’s garden.

THE POLAR EXPRESS- When all you want for Christmas is to hear Santa’s sleight, things can definitely change. On Christmas Eve, one boy boards the Polar Express train taking him to the North Pole to see Santa. Out of the many kids that were there, he is chose to have one gift, and all he wants is one bell from the arenas of the reindeer. This is a great Christmas story to read with children, especially, those who still believe Santa comes down the chimney with presents for them.

LEAVE ME ALONE- A cute little story about a grandmother and wanting some time alone in order to be productive and get some sweaters done for her 30 grandchildren. Living in a house with them, made it impossible to do or finish anything. She tried various spots and it was the same thing everywhere. Finally, it was in a wormhole where she was able to make her sweaters!

NOT A BOX- A box is a box unless you have a huge imagination like children do! Most of the time children find themselves being entertained with a simple box when they transform it into a robot, spaceship, a costume, etc


Peter and Judy go on a wild adventure when they decided to go to the park and find a game -Jumanji, which had a note that said Free! They took the board game home without realizing they would end up in a wild adventure. I really did enjoy this book. This is one of those books that helps children expand their imagination as they wonder and predict what will happen on the next page.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE- One of those books tat you either hate or love, depending how you interpret the plot from the author.

LOS GATOS BLACK IN HALLOWEEN- Great book to learn new words in Spanish, especially, during the hollooween season.

STRANGER IN THE WOODS- The photographs are extremely delicate and go well with the words…makes the reader wonder what is that the animals are looking for?

THE EDUCATION OF HYMAN KAPLAN- Very interesting book and it definitely does relate to myself as a foreigner in this country trying to overcome the language barrier and culture shock!


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