Reading Challenge…

Froggy, by Jonathan London

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Reading is definitely a challenge for me, as it is something that does not come natural. However, I have to say this semester I have read more books than I have in the past years. Most important of all, I have really enjoyed these books, especially, since I have had the freedom to choose the books I want, whatever looks interesting to me. So for my reading challenge, I decided to read the Froggy series by Jonathan London.

My son who is in second grade gets to bring different books home every week. One day he brought two books about Froggy, Froggy learns to swim and Froggy’s first kiss,  and he read them to me. They were super cute and a book any child in the lower grades would definitely love to read. This is one of the reasons as to why I decided to read these books for my challenge. Although I know there are not too long, if I finish with most of them, I will challenge myself and start a new challenge. The other one I have in mind is Skippy John Jones, I definitely do love these books!



2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge…

  1. You should definitely check these books out, they are so cute! Even me as an adult, I have enjoyed these books too. My son who is in second grade loves them, and I have heard him many times singing “quotes/songs” out of these books!


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