It’s Monday! What are you reading?

The following books are about halloween. I had chosen them last week being that halloween was coming up. However, I completely forgot about them, until now. They are super cute and I definitely do suggest them. I would suggest these books for a second grader.

its raining bats and frogsIT’S RAINING BATS & FROGS

Written by Rebecca Colby and Illustrated by Steven Henry

This was such a great book with lots of rhyming. Delia, a witch was super excited about flying at the annual halloween parade. Unfortunately, it started raining and now she is trying to solve the problem. However, with each solution that comes to her mind, a new problem also arises. Finally, she gives up, and gets the rain back, after all, a little rain never hurt anyone. This is a great book with lots of colorful illustrations.

Scary, Scary Halloweenscary scary halloween

Written by Eve Bunting and pictures by Jan Bret

And I continue with the halloween books and this one was such a great choice as well. In a way, it is similar to IT’S RAINING BATS AND FRONGS, since both of them have lots of rhyming and lots of colorful illustrations using orange, black, and purple. Halloween is here, and everything looks scary, you must hide and not be seen. A ghost, a skeleton, a vampire, a werewolf, witches, and many more scary creatures come out. All of a sudden she says, ‘”Little ones, stay safe inside! It’s best to stay at home and hide on hallowed halloween.”‘ But who is she talking to? Would you stay inside or dare to go out and see all these scary creatures!

otter loves halloweenOTTER Loves Halloween!

Written by Sam Garton

Otter was super excited about halloween and couldn’t  wait to pick pumpkins, decorate his house, and make scary costumes. He made many costumes for his friends and for himself. Tricker Treaters came to his house, but his costumes were not scary enough, so he decided to make new scary ones. Find out what happens when bedtimes comes…


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