It is Monday! What Are You Reading?

My son and I came to the library, and I came with hopes to find more Froggy books by Jonathan London. The last time I visited the library, I was only able to find like 3 books about froggy. Well, this time it was worse, as I only found one; Froggy Bakes A Cake. 

Once I began reading this book, I was really into it and laughing about all the silly things Froggy was doing as he was trying to bake a cake for his mom’s birthday. Typical kid, he did not want any help from his father and he knew how to do everything; including making a big mess in the kitchen with all the ingredients. Flour, sugar, chocolate covered flies, milk, eggs, butter, and baking powder were the ingredients which went into the mixing bowl to make the cake. In the middle of the process, he dropped half of the ingredients into the floor making a big mess. “‘Oogelly boogelly burly bake. I make and I bake and I wait for the cake!”‘ sang Froggy as he shoved the cake into the oven… Read the book to find out what happens to the cake. Do you think his mother is going to love the cake?

I also read a second Caldecott Honor book, Frederick, by Leo Lionni. Four busy little mice work hard to prepare for the winter as they gather food. All of them work very hard except one, Frederick. While they gather, grass, seeds, nuts, berries and other things, Frederick is lost in the beauty he sees around him, absorbing the suns rays and the colors. But how is this supposed to help him survive in the winter? This book is full of color and I believe a second or third grader would enjoy this book. I also believe it sends a message that everyone should work together as a team because everyone will benefit at the end.

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